Change of Photographs:(Monk/Nun to Layman and infant to adolescent)

  1. Latest original IC with two sets of attested copies of front and last inside covering page.
  2. Two sets of attested copies of Registration Certificate (RC) Page 1 to 5 with the last valid extension page. Photo in the RC should be changed from Monk/Nun to Layman and infant to adolescent.
  3. Two passport size photographs with white background.
  4. A letter from the Monastery/Institution/Nunnery confiding applicant’s membership in the past. (In case of monk/Nun)
  5. Two attested copies of marriage certificate are required if name of the spouse is to be added.

Note: Change of photograph in IC in above cases are subject to Inquiry for proper verification.

Applicants are required to submit the print out copy of filled-in Online IC application form to Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi within a month, with all required supporting documents.

Online payment is not required. For payment click here