General Information:

All the Tibetan settlements established in India are classified as Protected Areas by the Government of India. Foreign nationals, who wish to visit the Tibetan settlements in India for whatever reasons are required to take note of the following:

It has been the policy of the Government of India that all Foreigners including the Foreign Aid Agencies visiting the Tibetan Settlements/Camps should seek prior permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs for visiting such Settlements/Camps in the country.


Procedure for applying Protected Area Permit (PAP)

In order to streamline and facilitate the processing of PAP, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has launched online facilities of seeking applications for PAP from foreigners intending to visit Tibetan Settlements/Camps in India and also issuing of permits online to such foreigners if otherwise not rejected.

All foreigners intending to visit Tibetan Settlements/Camps in India may therefore apply online for PAP by logging in the Ministry’s website

Please note that any applications found incomplete shall be summarily rejected and no correspondence/reply shall be given by the Ministry.

The User Manual for PAP application submission can be downloaded here.


For further queries about online submission of PAP application(s), you can also contact us at