i WEEKLY TIBET NEWS DIGEST 23 NOVEMBER 2015 | Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama


WEEKLY DIGEST 23 Nov 15 (Click here for Pdf version)

Tibet’s environment

  1. “Cold Tibet quickly becoming warm” The Hindu, 21 November 2015
  2. Scientists Drill Ice Cores in Tibetan Plateau for Climate Study by Manny Salvacion, Yibada, 18 November 2015
  3. Tibet Faces Grim Scenario with Glaciers on Retreat by K.J.M. Varma, The Wire, 18 November 2015
  4. Tibet plateau as clean as North Pole: report China Daily, 18 November 2015
  5. China’s bottled water industry eyes up the Tibetan plateau The Guardian, 16 November 2015
  6. Tourist Garbage Chokes Tibet’s Wetland VOA, 29 October 2015

U.S. Congressional Visit to Tibet

  1. China Placed Lhasa under Severe Lockdown During US Congressional Visit CTA, 20 November 2015
  2.  U.S. Congress members tell of their visit to Tibet by Julie Makinen, LA Times, 17 November 2015
  3. US Rep. Jim McGovern pushes for human rights, other issues during China trip by Shannon Young, Mass Live, 17 November 2015
  4. China changing public tack on Tibet with trip by Nancy Pelosi: analysts SCMP, 14 November 2015
  5. U.S.’s Pelosi voiced support for Dalai Lama during China visit The Star, 14 November 2015
  6. Chinese paper claims Pelosi ‘praised’ progress in Tibet on rare visit. That seems unlikely by Emily Rauhala, The Washington Post, 13 November 2015

Press release

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic members hold press conference following historic visit to Tibet and China ICT, 17 November 201

Inside Tibet

  1. County-level Tibet official expelled from party for corruption Tibetan Review, 18 November 2015
  2. China’s anti-corruption campaign in Tibet targets religiosity, ‘separatism’ Tibetan Review, 11 November 2015
  3. Chinese Authorities Expel Nuns From Jada Convent in Tibet RFA, 10 November 2015
  4. Document Exposes Intensification of State-sanctioned Religious Repression in Troubled Tibetan County TCHRD, 09 November 2015


  1. Pitching Tibet, In a New Key by Gabriel Lafitte, Rukor, 21 November 2015
  2. Beijing better sit down with the Dalai Lama: Column by Allen R. Carlson, USA Today, 12 November 2015
  3. Tibet’s plea: fix the roof of the world before it’s too late by Lobsang Sangay, The Guardian, 11 November 2015


  1. Dalai Lama on Paris attacks: ‘Work for peace, and don’t expect help from God and governments’ by Murali Krishnan, DW, 16 November 2015

In Exile

  1. Global Citizen Action Urged to Stop Environmental Degradation on the Third Pole CTA, 17 November 2015