i Weekly Tibet News Digest 17 August 2015 | Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Weekly Tibet News Digest 17 August 2015

WEEKLY DIGEST 17 August 15


Inside Tibet:
1.    Nomad Mother calls out for Tibetan Freedom
2.    China brutalized Tibetans for refusing fur clothes
3.    China screen postal mail during 5oth TAR anniversary
4.    PLA from Tibet area commands hold military drills

In Exile:
1.    Sikyong greets India on 69th Independence Day
2.    Thank You from His Holiness the Dalai Lama
3.    Sikyong launches DIIR’s new video on MWA
4.    Indian Parliamentarians Discuss Tibet issues in Delhi

1.    Why Xi Jinping set up a Central Leading Group on the United Front Work?
2.    Major troop movements in Tibet
3.    China: Open letter
4.    Gearing Up for Paris
5.    When the Ancient Thanka meets Today’s Restless Modernity

1.    Charles to bury animosity over Tibet and meet Chinese leader
2.    Ten Senators ask President Obama to press Xi against interfering in Tibetan reincarnation issue
3.    Ticketing website for Dalai Lama event crashes, foreign misdoing suspected