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Two Tibetan monks get life; 20 yrs in prison

Oct. 7 (TCHRD): A court in Lhasa sentenced two monks, Jampel Wangchuk and Kunchok Nyima, from Drepung Monastery to life imprisonment and 20 years prison term  respectively in June 2010 for their activities in Mar. 2008 protests in Lhasa.

In spring 2008 monks in huge number were arrested from Drepung monastery and out of them around 40 were known to have been givenvarious prison terms. The whereabouts of Ngawang Chonyi, Ngawang Sertho and a cook nicknamed as Gyakpa (Tib translation: Fatso), etc is still unknown. A monk, Gyalpo, died in prison due to torture in August 2009. Drepung Monastery is still under heavy vigilance by the Chinese authorities.
Full story: http://bit.ly/adeCpA