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Tibetans severely beaten for opposing mining

Feb. 13 (TibetanReview.net): Many Tibetans, including the abbot of a local monastery, had been severely beaten and held for protesting against the carrying out of mining work at Tamo township in Shethongmon (Chinese: Xietongmen) County of Shigatse Prefecture in southern Tibet over a period in Nov-Dec, 2010.

The crackdown was carried out by riot police and security forces, including with reinforcement from Shigatse Prefecture, so that the troops outnumbered the protesters.

Abbot Kelsang, 49, and monks Jamyang Tsering, 38; Tsewang Dorje, 37; Rigzin Pema, 35, and Jamyang Rigsang, 34, of the local Lingka Monastery were reported to be among those arrested. In addition, around 12 lay Tibetans protesters were reported to have been arrested, although two were later released. Those detained were said to be held at different detention centres near Shigatse and in Shethongmon county.

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