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Tibetan writer-activist appeals to UNHRC

Mar. 24 (TCHRD): A Tibetan writer-activist monk, Lhaden, released his book in Tibetan language titled Tse Sok Le Trun Pe Kecha (Words Uttered With Life On Risk) and appealed to the UN Human Rights Council to seriously listen to voices of the oppressed people instead of being a platform for trumpeting by the seat holders or a platform for discussions amongst the free people only. He wrote poetically “while putting on mortgage my life, I offer this book as a voice of the oppressed and as an appeal” for the UNHRC to take actions in Tibet.

Lhaden has meticulously written the book for over three years on his observations and arguments regarding causes and consequences of the mass uprising by Tibetans in 2008.

Full story: http://bit.ly/hlKU1L