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Tibetan sentenced to 2 years for India visit

Jan 3 (Phayul): Chime Tashi, a 29-yr-old Tibetan man from Driru County of Tibet’s Nagchu prefecture was arrested from his home on October 3, 2010 and sentenced to 2 years in prison. 

Although charges against him are still unclear, a source said his 2008 visit to India for a religious pilgrimage during which he took sermons from the Dalai Lama might have led to his arrest.

Chime was among 51 Tibetans who were arrested in 2005 while trying to escape to India through Nepal. All were arrested from a place near Nepalese border-town of Solukhumbo and locked in a prison in Dhingri and Shigatse for 4 months during which they were subjected to hard labour. They were later handed over to the Public Security Bureau of their respective hometowns.

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