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Kashag’s message on Liu Xiaobo


Oct. 8 (Tibet.net): The Kashag – cabinet of the exile Tibetan administration – issued the following statement on Liu Xiaobo who won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize:
The Kashag would like to extend its sincere congratulations to Mr Liu
Xiaobo for being awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The whole of China should be proud of this singular honour bestowed on one of her
sons.This year’s Nobel Peace Prize that is conferred on Mr Liu Xiaobo is
the international community’s recognition of the outstanding
contributions Mr Liu Xiaobo has made to the advancement of freedom and personal liberties in China. His involvement in organizing Charter 08, which calls for freedom and democracy in China, is an act of
unparalleled courage and sacrifice. His support to the Tibet cause and
the Middle-Way policy were well known to everyone.

We Tibetans pray that Mr Liu Xiaobo will be able to receive the
well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize in person on December 10.

Statement link : http://bit.ly/b6UI0X