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Kashag Announcement on IC

Kashag Announces new rules regarding Approval letter for fresh Identity Certificate (IC)

February 7, 2014 1:36 pm

DHARAMSHALA: The Kashag secretariat has issued a notification regarding the issuance of approval letter for fresh Identity Certificate (IC) for Tibetans living in India. ( Click here to read the original announcement in Tibetan.) In case of any discrepancy, the original announcement in Tibetan shall be considered final)

As of now, the Kashag’s approval letter, are either handed over in person or sent by post to the applicants.

However, the Kashag office has received a number of complaints for non-receipt of the approval letter sent by applicants. The following new rules will be implemented effective from 1 April 2014 with regard to the issuance of approval letter from Kashag.



1) Anyone applying for IC approval letter from the Kashag should enclose a 9×4 inch self-addressed envelope affixed with postal stamps required for speed post. (The address should be clearly specified in English)

2) The Kashag secretariat will send the approval letter through speed post and will record the tracking number of the mail for future references in case of failure in delivery.

3) Enclosing hard cash in the envelopes are strictly prohibited. The applications of those who indulge in such illegal acts will not be accepted and rendered invalid.

The new rules will be implemented from 1 April 2014