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Fresh row over length of India-China disputed border

Dec. 22 (TibetanReview): Many in India have expressed anger that China has substantially truncated the length of its disputed border with India to take out the portion represented by Jammu and Kashmir state, although New Delhi is yet to react to this development. 

The border between India and the People’s Republic of China is now just 1,200 miles (2000 km) long, instead of 2,200 miles, a distance claimed by India, said Indian newspaper reports Dec 20 cited China’s official media.

China’s new position means that it now no longer recognizes, vis-à-vis India, the border separating Jammu and Kashmir in India from Xinjiang and Tibet, both of which are under its occupation rule. This is seen as accounting for the Chinese exclusion of 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the border between the two counties.

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