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Four Tibetans arrested for ‘banned’ writings

Mar. 6 (Phayul): Chinese authorities in Ngaba Tibetan prefecture have arrested 4 Tibetans including 2 women with alleged links to “banned” writings and “anti-government” articles in 2 books by a fugitive Tibetan writer named Gendun Tsering who arrived in Dharamsala, India, recently.  Gendun, a Tibetan writer and a monk of Rongtha monastery in Khyungchu County, Ngaba prefecture, said he had been in hiding since February 2010, evaded arrest and finally made his way to India last month.

Tsering Dhondup, 23, another monk of Rongtha monastery was arrested for allegedly assisting Gendun in publishing 2 books, “Migchu” (tears) authored by Gendun and “Sonmig” (Live Eyes), a collection of articles written by Tibetan writers on situation inside Tibet and edited by Gendun.

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