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Flame of Truth in Delhi progress, despite Police restriction

Delhi, 12 October 2012: The Flame of Truth reaches Delhi on 6 October and was held with a brief function organized at Samyeling Tibetan Colony. Prior to that, Tibetan community based in Delhi met several times over a month to arrange the relay, which covers all over Delhi.

On 08 October, relay was started from Samyeling Tibetan Colony and installed a stall near the entrance of Delhi University Metro Station, whereby collecting signatures from the public. Next day, the stall was also put up at Punjab Basti, opposite to Samyeling Tibetan Settlement, and at Ladakh Buddh Vihar.

Tibetan Settlement officer with community leaders and fellow Tibetans during the Flame of Truth Relay at Samyeling Tibetan Colony.While the torch was on its way to Laxmi Nagar, Shri. Ch. Mateen Ahmed, Member of Legislative Assembly, Delhi (UT) visited to show his support for the Tibetan freedom movement. Members of Indian support groups in Delhi also visited to show their solidarity.

Today, Delhi Police curtailed Tibetan Students at SOS Tibetan Youth Hostel to organize a relay in Rohini but the Tibetan students are carrying out programs in Delhi University.

In the following days, the torch relay will move towards south Delhi, covering major public spots like Delhi Huts, JNU Campus, Eskon Temple, Lodhi Road and others.

Mr. Lekyi Dorjee, Tibetan Settlement Officer of Samyeling Tibetan Colony stressed that despite restrictions from the Delhi Police in conducting the Flame of Truth Relay in Delhi, activities are going around Delhi without much hindrances.

On 15 October 2012, Tibetans and Tibet support groups will hold a solidarity march from Samstha Sthal to Jantar Mantar at 10.00am. At Jantar Mantar, more than 500 people are expected to participate for the concluding session, which will be attended by prominent Indian personalities.

The Flame of Truth was initiated worldwide by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, which was launched earlier on 6 July 2012. It was aimed to draw attentions of the world community, especially the United Nations on the Tibet issues amidst the series of self-immolations bids happening inside Tibet.