Documents required for obtaining supporting letter for RETURN VISA (NORI)

Kindly bring along copies of the following documents, as well as the originals. The copies will be retained for office records, while the original documents will be verified.

1. valid Travel Document
2. Invitation Letter
3. Registration Certificate
4. Police Clearance Certificate

1. Travel Document refers ONLY to the Identity Certificate issued by the Regional Passport office, Delhi

2. Invitation Letter can be in the form of any one of the following:
– Affidavit of Support (for visit to USA)
– Formal Obligation (for visit to Germany)
– Visitor Visa / Entry Visa label affixed inside IC or on separate sheet of paper
– Letter signed by the sponsor (the person or organization inviting) containing:
name of the IC holder
date of birth of the IC holder
period of visit with date
complete address with contact details of the sponsor
– Hotel reservation / flight ticket confirmed for those on tour purposes

3. Registration Certificate:
Valid for a period beyond the current date
Except for the RCs issued by Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office, Delhi all other RC holders need to obtain departure stamp on their RCs a day prior to their departure from their registered residence.

4. Police Clearance Certificate:
Issued and signed by the Superintendent of Police of the District under whose jurisdiction the registered residence of the applicant falls.

It should have been issued in the recent past.