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Dalai Lama’s retirement move not “Jasmine moment”

Mar. 16 (Indian Express/by Meenakshi Gopinath): For Dalai Lama, the March 10 announcement is in consonance with a process that he set in motion nearly five decades ago, not a “jasmine moment”. He has been consistently exhorting the need to nurture representative democratic institutions, transparent electoral processes and robust governance structures for the Tibetan community.

The real challenge now is to find in the current generation of Tibetans a leadership that is modern and secular with a deep empathy for Tibetan culture and values, along with the skills needed to negotiate and pilot the future agenda of Tibet.

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Note: The writer is principal, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, and honorary director of Women in Security Conflict Management and Peace, which is funded by the Dalai Lama’s foundation