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Dalai Lama is China’s best chance for reconciliation

Jan. 6 (The Economist): Tibetan exiles, and another 6 million Tibetans under Chinese rule, make it impossible for the Dalai Lama to quit politics altogether. He remains the only Tibetan they can trust to marshal the international sympathy that keeps their cause alive. 

Yet China’s refusal to talk seriously to his representatives about the future of Tibet seems perverse. For over 20 years he has demanded not independence, but greater autonomy. Probably he alone could make many Tibetans accept this.

Moreover, he is a pacifist. China wrongly blamed him for the 2008 riots in Lhasa. Without his restraining influence, violence would have been far more frequent.

China’s control of Tibet is not in doubt. What it lacks is the acquiescence of Tibetans. The Dalai Lama offers the best chance of reconciliation.

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