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Congratulating Speaker Johnson

Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India – Following the election of Rep. Mike Johnson as Speaker of the US House of Representatives, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to him to offer his congratulations.

“The United States is the leading nation of the world,” he wrote, “and I have long admired the way your country champions democracy, liberty and respect for human rights, including religious freedom.

“Since 1979, I have had the opportunity to visit the USA many times and have enjoyed the chance to share my thoughts with the leadership, including some of your predecessors as Speaker. In addition to sharing with them my ideas on broader issues, I have also been able to convey to them my appreciation for the broad-based bipartisan support the United States has extended to the distinctive culture, language and traditions of the Tibetan people.

“The Tibetan people and I are deeply grateful to the United States of America for its continued encouragement of our efforts to protect and preserve our identity, as well as our Buddhist cultural heritage, which focuses on peace, nonviolence and compassion. I sincerely believe that this heritage can be of benefit to all human beings.

“Today, the world is passing through very challenging times. However, as there is a growing sense of the interdependence and oneness of humanity across the planet, I remain optimistic that things will change for the better in the long run.”

His Holiness concluded by wishing Speaker Johnson every success in his efforts to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the American people and in contributing to a happier, more peaceful world.