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Congratulating Lai Ching-te, President-Elect, Taiwan

Bodhgaya, Bihar, India – Following yesterday’s presidential elections in Taiwan, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to Mr. Lai Ching-te, the President-Elect, to offer his warm congratulations

“Indeed,” he wrote, “observing the exercise of democracy, as has just taken place in Taiwan, is a source of encouragement for all of us who aspire to live in freedom and dignity.

“I have fond memories of the hospitality the people of Taiwan showed me during my visits there, when I was also able to see how firmly rooted democracy has become. The Taiwanese people have not only developed a flourishing, robust democracy, but have also achieved a great deal in terms of economics and education, while at the same time preserving their rich traditional culture.

“I admire the strong devotion Taiwanese Buddhists have to the Buddha dharma. As a Buddhist monk, I try my best to fulfill their requests for teachings and spiritual guidance from time to time.

“Good relations between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China are of utmost importance. It is my longstanding conviction that engaging in dialogue is the best way to resolve difficult issues, whether on a local, national or international level.”

His Holiness concluded by wishing Mr. Lai every success in meeting the challenges that lie ahead in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people of Taiwan.