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Chinese Labour Party supports Dalai Lama’s Middle Way

July 12 (Tibet.net): Mr Fang Yuan, chairman and Mr Ying Kuan Shi, advisor of the Chinese Labour Party (CLP) met with the press July 9 and said that they had timed their visit to attend the official function of the 75th birthday celebrations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
In their press statement, the CLP leaders praised in high words, the contributions of His Holiness in building better understanding amongst the Tibetans and Chinese people, and offered birthday wishes on behalf of over 80,000 CLP members spread across China, Taiwan and the world.

Unlike the Chinese Communist Party, the CLP declared its full support for His Holiness’ Middle-Way Approach, while accepting that historically Tibet was an independent nation.

“In a resolution adopted by its members, the CLP confirmed the Middle-Way Approach as its basic guiding policy in dealing with Tibet”, added the Australia based Chairman of CLP.

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