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Chinese envoy says Sino-India ties ‘fragile’

Dec. 13 (PTI): China said its relations with India were “very fragile” and needed special care and guidance from the government to the public to avoid a war of words. “China-India relations are very fragile and very easy to be damaged and very difficult to repair,” Chinese envoy to India Zhang Yan said at a conference in New Delhi. Mr. Zhang said the Indian government should “provide guidance to the public to avoid a war of words”.

Indian foreign secretary Nirupama Rao, who was present at the conference, said India has a “very commonsensical” and “very rational” approach to China. She highlighted the “vibrant and noisy nature” of democracy to which the Chinese were exposed in India. “Our Chinese friends are increasingly exposed to the vibrant, I would say, noisy nature of our democracy. The fact that many opinions are expressed which are often at divergence with each other.” she said.

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