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China’s propaganda survey on Tibetan happiness

Feb. 14 (HighPeaksPureEarth/by Woeser): China’s state-owned CCTV’s financial channel, ‘CCTV Economic Life Survey’ announced the results of a happiness measuring survey in which Lhasa won the first prize and was awarded the “2010 City With the Happiest People”. Lhasa had been called the  “happiest” for the fourth time in a row.

So if Lhasa people were all this “happy”, why would they protest? Why do they still take to the streets?

I still remember the journalist from Phoenix TV, Hong Kong, who was standing in the streets of Lhasa on the fifth day after March 14, boasting that life in the city had already returned to normal; yet the so-called Lhasa people she interviewed were in fact all Han Chinese, thus leaving the impression that Lhasa had already turned into a harmonious Han city. This is why I think that perhaps those “Lhasa people” who are the “happiest” according to the CCTV survey are not actually Tibetans.

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