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‘China’s Dalai Lama’ will wreck reconciliation hopes

Dec. 15 (Guardian/by Dibyesh Anand): A highly probable scenario for the 15th Dalai Lama is that there will be two of them: one boy recognised inside China with Beijing’s blessings, another somewhere in exile. But having two Dalai Lamas, both under intense international public scrutiny, will be uncharted territory. The world might be spiritually richer with more tulkus (“living Buddhas”), but it will be the end of all hopes for reconciliation between China and its Tibetan population.

Once China invests in its own Dalai Lama, it will become a prisoner of its own approach. No longer able to negotiate or talk to exile Tibetans, it will face the impossible task of selling its own choice to the Tibetans, Chinese and the rest of the world. A new source of tension and instability will be created in the Tibetan plateau. Maybe only then will the Chinese leaders develop nostalgia for the 14th Dalai Lama, and the hope for stability and reconciliation that only he provides.

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