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Celebrating the Inauguration of the New Nalanda University

Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India – His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate his inauguration of the campus of the new Nalanda University at Rajgir, Bihar.

“As a centre of learning,” His Holiness wrote, “the original Nalanda University shone like a sun in the east. Education, rooted in rigorous study, discussion and debate, flourished at Nalanda, attracting students from far and wide across Asia. In addition to philosophy, science, mathematics and medicine they learned about the age-old Indian traditions of ahimsa and karuna, which remain not only relevant but also essential in today’s world.

“In addition to these positive qualities, students at Nalanda developed a thorough understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions, which arose out of the traditional Indian meditative practices for developing tranquility—shamatha, and insight—vipashyana. I believe that the way the Nalanda tradition presented these qualities in terms of logic and reason means they can be readily combined with modern education for the wider benefit of humanity.”

His Holiness concluded, “I am encouraged by the growing interest among young people across India and further afield in ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom. It has such great potential to contribute to the creation of a more compassionate world. Committed as I am to creating greater interest and awareness in ancient Indian knowledge, it is wonderful that a new Nalanda University has been established in this historic location—may it prosper and thrive.”