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Beijing Consensus’ lacks moral standards

Dec. 4 (New Scotsman/by Ma Jian): Although much of the world recognises that it is in economic competition with China, it often fails to see it is also in moral competition. Having become much richer over the past 3 decades, China is now proposing to the world its own model of development -and, indeed, of civilisation. This model, sometimes called “The Beijing Consensus” is explicit: there are no moral standards, only material ones. Human rights and freedom can be made to disappear not only from websites, but also from reality.

Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel prize is a rebuke to the regime, because it rejects the dogma that nothing but the pursuit of economic interest matters. China’s rulers know that in a system in which justice is absent, Liu’s efforts to speak to a higher moral calling requires only moral courage to be followed.

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