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Whither Tibetan linguistic autonomy?

Oct. 25 (HuffingtonPost/ by Tenzin Dickyi): Chinese leaders in Qinghai Province have now targeted Tibetan linguistic autonomy issuing orders that, by 2015, all lessons and textbooks in Tibetan schools should be in Chinese language instead of Tibetan. 

If Chinese leaders want to give any impression to the Tibetans, and to their own growing number of politically-conscious middle class citizenry, that they care about the wishes of the Tibetan people, they should for once listen to the voice of the Tibetan people, and yes the voice of conscience, and at least allow the Tibetans this small zone of linguistic autonomy.

Full story: http://huff.to/aOwRyX

Note: The writer is Special Assistant to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Representative to the Americas