i Weekly Tibet News Digest 10 August 2015 | Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Weekly Tibet News Digest 10 August 2015

WEEKLY DIGEST 10 August 15

Inside Tibet:
1.    China seeks hearts and minds with Tibetan Resettlements
2.    China rejects criticism on Tibetan Resettlement programme
3.    On Tibetan Tour, China Trots out Yak and pony show
4.    China aims to shape its image
5.    Tibetans fear new mine is planned
6.    Tibetan Monk emerges from 2 month stint in jail
7.    Tibetan protester detained again
In Exile:
1.    Middle Way the Answer to Tibetan problem
2.    Campaign season looms in exile Tibetan world
3.    Tibetans lose a haven in Nepal
1.    China is on an Airports & Infrastructure spree in Tibet
2.    Is this man China’s next leader?
3.    Xi Jinping Tightens Grip on Army, Ups pressure on India
4.    China, India and water across the Himalayas
1.    China’s Communist Party will pick the next Dalai Lama
2.    Shadowy Chinese officials try to ground festival’s Tibet balloon
3.    China media see border meet a step forward
1.    On arrival E Visa facility for tourists from 87 countries at Gaya airport
Book Review:
1.    Noodle Maker of Kalimpong is Gripping