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Tibetan hope for Obama’s India visit

Sep. 10 (Asia Times Online): The latest US government report on Tibet negotiations has sparked off speculation and hope among the exiled Tibetan community that the Tibet issue might be on US President Barack Obama’s agenda during his maiden visit to India in November.

In its annual report on Tibet negotiations, the State Department called for better dialogue between Beijing and the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader in exile.

Some Indian experts also believe that the Tibet issue should be on the agenda.

“An exchange of views on the progress of the talks between Dalai Lama and Beijing should be on the agenda. The government of India should take the initiative in proposing the inclusion of this item on the agenda. His Holiness should also be invited to any reception hosted by our president in honor of President Obama,” said B Raman, director of the Institute for Topical Studies and an associate of the Chennai Center for China Studies.

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