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Shunning Dalai Lama more than cowardice

Feb. 10 (European Voice): A moral compass is not just for history. More than anyone else in Europe, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians know what it is like to be Tibetan: to be occupied by a big foreign power; to become an ‘uncountry’ and your heroes ‘unpersons’; to have your cultural, social and political elites jailed, tortured and deported; to have your language pushed to the margins of public life; to be subject to huge forced migration that aims to dilute and eventually eradicate your national identity.

They know what it is like to have their representatives shunned abroad; their case drowned out by hostile propaganda; their efforts met with patronising disdain; to be told that their cause is hopeless and that they have nothing to look forward to but slavery and extinction.

Full story: http://bit.ly/gMgjZB