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His Holiness’s Statement Regarding Recent Natural Disasters

This year we have seen a shocking series of natural disasters in many different parts of the world. There have been floods, wild fires, and hurricanes that have resulted in a tragic loss of life, as well as damage to property and the natural environment. Clearly the consequences of global heating affect us all.

As I told a delegation of educationists this morning, whenever such disasters take place in different parts of the world, I try to express my concern and offer support for those who are suffering and those striving to help them.

In recent days, flooding in the north of China and in some Tibetan areas has resulted in the loss of life and widespread damage to property and the local ecology. I pray for those who have lost their lives and express my sympathy and concern to all those affected by this calamity. We are all the same as human beings. We all wish to be happy and to avoid such tragedies and in the context of the oneness of humanity we all have a responsibility to help and support each other. On this occasion too, as a mark of my solidarity with the people of China, I hope to be able to make a donation to the relief efforts.

Under these circumstances, I appeal to my brothers and sisters across the world to pray for all those affected by these natural disasters, and to take whatever steps they can to address the climate crisis and its effects.

With my prayers and good wishes,

Dalai Lama