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His Holiness’ Message about the Earthquake in Japan

Bodhgaya, Bihar, India – His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan, to express his sadness about yesterday’s earthquake that has resulted in numerous fatalities and casualties, as well as the destruction of property and infrastructure.

“I am saying prayers for those who have lost their lives and offer my sympathy and condolences to their families and others affected by this calamity,” he wrote.

“I appreciate that the Japanese Government is doing everything it can to bring relief and support to those in need. As a Buddhist monk who recites the ‘Heart Sutra’ daily, I feel it would be good if Japanese Buddhists were also to recite this text on this occasion. Such recitation will not only be of benefit to those who have died but may also avert further disasters in the future.

“I am at present in Bodhgaya, the sacred place in India where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Together with members of the Sangha, and other people currently on pilgrimage to this holy place, we will recite the ‘Heart Sutra’ for the victims of this disaster in Japan.”

His Holiness concluded his letter by once again offering his prayers.