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Dalai Lama sees “encouraging signs” of shift in China

By John Chalmers and Frank Jack Daniel, Reuters

DHARAMSALA, India, 29/08/2012


There are encouraging signs that attitudes towards Tibet are shifting in China, the Dalai Lama said on Wednesday, adding that the exiled Tibetan leadership is ready for fresh talks on his homeland if there was a genuine change of heart in Beijing.


The spiritual leader said in an interview that it was too early to tell if China’s next president – who is almost certain to be Xi Jinping after a Communist Party Congress later this year – would adopt a new stance that could break decades of deadlock over Tibet. But he was reassured by what he had heard.


“I can’t say for definite, but according to many Chinese friends, they say the new, coming leadership seems more lenient,” the Dalai Lama, 77, told Reuters in his audience room in the Indian Himalayan foothills town of Dharamsala.


“If their side … for their own interest are thinking more realistically we are ready for full cooperation with them.”


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