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Congratulating Donald Tusk

Siliguri, West Bengal, India – His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to Donald Tusk to congratulate him on his election once more as Prime Minister of Poland.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk before the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Warsaw, Poland on October 23, 2013. Photo by Rady Ministrow

“Over the years,” he wrote, “your country has made great efforts to promote democratic values, not only at home but also abroad.

“I consider it a great privilege to have been able to visit your beautiful country several times, and to have had the opportunity to meet with you and other leaders, including our respected friend, Lech Walesa, on several occasions.

“During my visits to Poland, people from all walks of life have shown interest in and support for my efforts to promote basic human values such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment and self-discipline, as well as fostering inter-religious harmony. I deeply appreciate the friendship they have shown me and their solidarity with the Tibetan people.

“Today, the world is passing through difficult times. However, there is a growing recognition of the oneness of humanity and our interdependence with one another. I am therefore optimistic that things will change for the better before long.

“Poland has great potential to play an important role in promoting peace and global security. I am confident that as the Prime Minister of Poland, and with your experience as President of the European Council, you will be able to contribute to making our world a better place, free from violence and the use of weapons.

“I wish you every success in meeting the challenges that lie ahead in fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the people of Poland.”

His Holiness ended his letter by offering his prayers and good wishes.