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China shadow looms over Tibetans in Nepal

Feb. 9 (Radio Free Asia): Tibetan refugees living in Nepal are under pressure to avoid asserting their national identity as their host country moves closer to its powerful northern neighbor China, analysts say.

Recent agreements and meetings between Nepal and China “can only be regarded as bad news for Tibetans,” said Mikel Dunham, a writer and close observer of Nepalese politics and frequent visitor to the country.

“The only difference now is that the Tibetans are beginning to understand that, whichever political party wields power in Kathmandu, Nepal will remain resolutely pro-Chinese and therefore only marginally—if at all—sympathetic to the plight of Tibetans.”

Mary Beth Markey, president of the Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), agreed, adding that she now observes “a sense of insecurity among Tibetans, which is heightened at different periods of time.”

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