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Beyond a boundary: China’s ‘Southern Tibet’ claim

Jan. 16 (Financial Express/by Srikanth Kondapalli): While AG Noorani (and Neville Maxwell) slam Nehru for the unilateral firming up the traditional customary line across the India-China borders, it is not clear from their analyses what were the Chinese claims and (military) actions in these regions.

For instance, while the British Indian archival sources indicate that the frontier regions are ‘no man’s land’ or that these areas came under the influence of the British or Chinese ‘dependencies,’ the official rhetoric and scholarship in China unconvincingly suggest that these areas were under the Chinese rule from ‘time immemorial.’

It is not clear from the oeuvre, for instance, what are the perceptions of Ladhakis, Monpas, Mishimis, Lepchas, Bhutias and others who had inhabited these regions for a long time.

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