REISSUE OF IC TO TIBETANS FROM ABROAD: (Renewal after expiry of 10 years validity)

For IC renewal of Tibetans abroad- Tibetan IC holder has to return to India before its final expiry for renewal. Verification process for Renewal of IC may take about 2-4 months, sometimes more depending on case to case basis. The Tibetan IC holders abroad may apply well in advance (preferably 9-11 months before expiry) from abroad to avoid the long stay in India. Bureau will submit the application form along with required documents to Regional Passport of Delhi for prior verification to get no objection/clearance from Ministry of External affairs. Once Regional Passport Office of Delhi receives the clearance from Ministry then an applicant may accordingly plan their visit to India. The applicant have to submit the Indian VISA and immigration arrival stamp page to Bureau of HHDL, as soon as their arrival in India, to be forwarded to RPO Delhi to resume further process of application and granting of IC after receiving the clearance from Ministry.

Kindly note that IC application, even if Ministry’s clearance/no objection is received, will not be granted until the submission of Indian VISA and Immigration arrival stamp page. It may take more or less 2-3 weeks after the submission of copy of VISA and arrival stamp page to get the IC issued if there will not be any other discrepancies.

The required documents are-

  1. Print-out copy of online application form duly signed and affixed photo
  2. 5 attested copy of Old IC copy 
  3. 5 attested copy of valid resident proof abroad
  4. 5 attested copy of Old IC issued from abroad, if any
  5. 1  attested  copy of green book updated 
  6. 2 passport photo with white background
  7. Process fee of Rs. 1100 can be either paid in cash at cash counter of Bureau or by DD in favor of “Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai lama, New Delhi”.

IC application will be put forward for verification process on receive of application form, required documents and applicable fee but will grant only when RPO Delhi receives clearance from MEA, Indian VISA page with immigration arrival stamp copy of IC.

One has to bring the original IC during the collection of their new IC at Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for cancellation of old IC.

* If not able to get attestation from Office of Tibet concerns then applicant may send the self-attested documents.

OR (Those who have returned to India to renew their IC)

  1. One attested copy of Green Book page 1, 2 and latest updated payment page.
  2. Latest original IC with Five sets of attested copies of front and last inside covering page; with Indian visa and airport arrival stamp page.
  3. Five attested copies of Green card/Residence card/Work Permit.
  4. If the latest IC is issued by a Foreign Mission, the applicant must also submit the original IC and Five sets of attested copies of the last IC issued by the Regional Passport Office (RPO), New Delhi.
  5. Two passport size color photographs with white background.
  6. Five attested copies of marriage certificate are required if name of the spouse is to be added.

Applicants are required to submit the print out copy of filled-in Online IC application form to Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi within a month, with all required supporting documents.

Online payment is not required. For payment click here